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    Application Support

    We will work with your application vendor to support your critical business applications. We have experience with all of the major software vendors and can support most common business software. When you struggle with your applications your employees are not productive, we will help you stay on track

    • Common Office Applications (Microsoft Office)
    • Cloud Software (AWS,Box,Google,Office365)
    • Email applications
    • Installation services
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    Data Protection

    We will help you to establish a proactive strategy for backups of your critical devices. Backups are fully monitored and are tested for the ability to restore in an emergency. Don’t lose your crucial data.

    • Cloud backups
    • Off-Site backups
    • On-Site backups
    • Mobile backups
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    Disaster Recovery

    Establishing procedures to recover from a major disaster to your site. When a disaster does happen we will be there to help you execute a plan to get your business operational again. Don’t leave the value of your data to chance.

    • Assess your environment
    • Establish Disaster Recovery procedures
    • Routine testing to ensure business continuity
    • Ongoing planning as business processes change
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    Hardware Support

    We can help you decide what to purchase and manage all of your computing devices. Let us handle the installation and maintenance. We will keep an eye your needs and help you grow along the way.

    • Advising on Hardware purchasing
    • Installation
    • Maintenance and Upgrades for servers and workstations
    • Recycling old devices
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    Managed Services

    Providing managed services to supplement or be your IT department. We provide contracted solutions to keep your business running smooth. With us managing your IT needs you can focus on more important things.

    • Monitoring of critical devices
    • Data Protection
    • Network management
    • Server and Workstation managment
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    Providing wired and wireless networking solutions to provide maximum performance. We can help you get all of your devices secured and connected. We have experience with the major vendors and have implemented many small and large networks.

    • Assessment of your current environment
    • Design of wired and wireless network solutions
    • Installation
    • Maintenance and Upgrades
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    Remote Support

    Support provided remotely to speed up support times. Remote control software that allows one connection and then is gone for good. Let us connect remotely and we can fix most issues without needing to come to your site saving time and money.

    • Remote troubleshooting
    • Software Installations
    • Software Upgrades
    • System monitoring of your infrastructure
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    Structured Cabling

    Custom Cabling solutions for your site. We can help you get your cabling infrastructure in place to support all of your devices. Let us help you get your investments installed and usable.

    • Assessment of your current cable infrastructure
    • Design for audio,data, surveilance, voice and video solutions
    • Installation
    • Additions and moves as things change
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    Surveillance Systems

    Protect your business by providing a video surveillance system. We can help you design a solution to keep your business safe. Let us help you minimize your threats.

    • Assessment of current surveillance systems
    • Design of camera and access solutions
    • Installation
    • Maintenance and upgrades
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    IT Security

    JML will find the gaps in your security and mitigate them. We will help keep you safe from hackers, viruses, and ransomware. The threat to business data is real and can severely damage your business.

    • Assessment of your current security practices
    • Design of security solutions
    • Firewall deployment to secure your network
    • Vulnerability
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Don’t wait until it is too late and your data is lost or your network is down. We offer managed services and automated data backup that will ensure protection for all of your data and a secure connection for your internet.

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